Tucked away in the heart of Toronto’s vibrant Art + Design District you will find the warm and welcoming Honeybea studio. Lovingly coined 'The Designhive', this busy little workshop stacked floor to ceiling with a feast of found fabrics and sacred heirloom textiles has flourished with creativity and unstoppable innovation in the sustainable fashion space for nearly two decades. A pioneer of the upcycle movement and passionate circular fashion advocate, textile artist and thrift fanatic Rebecca Caulford’s original vintage-inspired designs are so much more than simply recycling and repurposing second-hand materials. Using her self-taught craft to capture and transform the deep, inherent love she feels from old-world textiles, Caulford has found a common, heart-warming thread that bonds and disarms us all in her nostalgic and influential Heirloom Textile Collections.

Sacred Salvage

There is a sacred, spirit-guided process to finding each achingly special and well-travelled textile we use. A rapidly vanishing and non-renewable resource, each slow-stitched, story-filled quilt, blanket or tablecloth that lands in our path is on a journey that started long ago and far away. Cherished reminders of the past steeped in resourcefulness and resilience, each hand-picked piece has been rescued from the rubble of today’s warp speed world so it can continue to shine bright with all the love it has left to give. 

Handmade + One Of A Kind

Our pieces are limited because they’re authentic. Made one by one in our cozy Canadian studio using the finest vintage and heirloom textiles left on the planet, our joy and artistry lies in piecing together each one of a kind garment with the heart-stopping treasures we have found along the way. Always a surprise to us and you, we work towards crafting our dream silhouettes with impeccable tailoring and inclusive sizing all while developing the creative solutions to do such precious textile commodities the justice they deserve.