You Are My Sunshine Pom Pom Toque

$65.00 $40.00

Lets face it, winter is dark, and long, and cold, and can totally get you down, but if there’s one thing us Canadians have learned it’s that we can't control the weather! As an artist I have always felt grateful for my ability to make things I wish I had but didn't exist, so on that note I bring you your very own ray of winter sunshine with our most adorably spirited massive Pom Pom Toques. Made from beautifully salvaged sweaters and a hand-picked bouquet of the most luxurious yarn, it’s one little way we can make winter a whole lot brighter!



Circumference: 20"


9 9 % r e c y c l e d

1 0 0 % c a n a d i a n

a l l  l o v e

handcrafted + one of a kind | love is all