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Vintage Denim Folk Art Smock


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There is nothing quite like the weight of vintage denim hanging over your heart as you feel the power to do anything you put your mind to. In celebration of the courage of artists everywhere and in every era, this age-old smock silhouette is built to make you feel strong and beautiful in the most simple of ways. Deep pockets will help you get any job done or accumulate the many found objects we know you will just need but not be able to explain why. We are with you!! Life is beautiful, art matters so much and a full heart is of the utmost importance.... XO. 


S/M fits size 0-16 comfortably

Front and Back Yoke Width: 14"

Armhole: 24"

Length: 35"


9 9 % r e c y c l e d

1 0 0 % c a n a d i a n

a l l  l o v e

handcrafted + one of a kind | love is all