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Hold Me Close Recycled Wool Duster


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This ground-grazing, open-hearted and big-spirited Knit Duster has been designed for all four seasons of Northern Living. Whether you're moon dancing at a mid summer festival, cozying up at the cottage or frolicking at a fall fair, we know you will always need at least one sweet sweater, no matter the weather. Made slowly but surely in our Toronto Studio using the most beautifully combined and carefully salvaged vintage and recycled materials, each one of a kind masterpiece is a statement of both style and sustainability, ready whatever adventure you will take her on next. 


One Size

Front Length: 50"

Back Length: 53"

Sleeve Length: 10 1/2"

Armhole: 18"


9 9 % r e c y c l e d

1 0 0 % c a n a d i a n

a l l  l o v e

handcrafted + one of a kind | love is all