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Heritage Rose Embroidered Peasant Dress


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Few things embody the love and legacy of person more palpably than something they have made by hand. In this profoundly emotional line of traditional Peasant Dresses and Tops, we cherish the exquisite Heirloom Embroidery of a generation lost and pay homage to the phenomenal female forces whose stitches we have salvaged. Alive with ancestries unknown and the epitome of old world strength and perseverance, the hearts and histories of so many now unite as one to begin a beautiful new life. 


Size: Medium/Large

Front and Back Yoke Width: 16"

Armhole: 24"

Length: 40"


9 9 % r e c y c l e d

1 0 0 % c a n a d i a n

a l l  l o v e

handcrafted + one of a kind | love is all