Buttercup Bumwarmer


Bumwarmers are an original concept and design invented by celebrated Canadian Eco-Fashion company Honeybea Designhive. An adorable little layer made from recycled sweaters, Honeybea Bumwarmers are perfect for the eco-friendly cyclist who rides year round, hockey moms with chilly bums, sassy ski bunnies, or simply for style over leggings, skinny jeans or yoga pants. Each piece is unique and one of a kind, just like you.


Size: Buttercup (Small, 2-4)

Waist Elastic: 28"

Length: 14 1/2"


9 9 % r e c y c l e d

1 0 0 % c a n a d i a n

a l l  l o v e

handcrafted + one of a kind | love is all