When I first came up with The Bumwarmer in 2007, I didn't think anyone would understand. That year, my life changed forever. A young, bohemian artist, I had been living out of my van traveling festivals across Canada with the clothing line I had been making out of old clothing. With my path lit bright by dancing Northern Lights and my soul fed to the brim by friendship and folk songs, I followed my heart to where it was pulling. With my sewing machine in the trunk and bags of collected thrift store magic on me at all times, I was known for pulling over at the nearest table or floor whenever inspiration struck. I'll never forget that feeling I got. When I knew something big had happened, and that without a doubt it had come in the form of a gift. Since that day I have embraced so deeply the connections I have made through the power of this love-packed product, learning so much from the culture of kindness we have spawned together. I do know that these Bumwarmers make so much sense. That they are so practical, so cute, so iconic. I see first hand how they can quickly divert tens of thousands of discarded sweaters from landfill each year, and that is fantastic!! But to me, they are so much more. To me, it is the love they spread. The way they make people feel. The confidences they boost. The kindnesses they teach. And the celebrations of self they rally. From where they come from, to where they are trying to lead us, they are ALL LOVE. And it is my biggest wish that they have made all of you feel and spread the same.